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31 August, 2014 (13:41) | Teachings | By: donmatison

Don and Sue Matison are a column and a pillar in the body of Christ. Their presence in the Springfield/Branson area gives me GREAT encouragement that God is on the move and has something wonderful planned for this region. Don has many teachings that with a little time and effort will be made available here.

If you had a chance to lay your offering at the feet of the first-century apostles would you do so? Well giving to Don and Sue is no less an opportunity to acknowledge a ministry of New Testament character and caliber. I encourage you to use the donate button and show your love and support for Don and Sue are in the Kingdom of God.

These Messages are by Apostle Don – but the audio was prepared digitally by Russ Walden for posting here (which is why Russell’s name shows in the embeded player – sorry).

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