The New Creation Mind

15 January, 2015 (21:28) | Uncategorized | By: donmatison

The mind of the new creation is the Eternal mind that always was. It was and is the mind of Christ. It had no beginning and it has no ending it was always with the Father. When we became a believer we became what we were before the fall. The word exhorts us to “ be renewed in the spirit of our minds”. Jesus made this possible by His death and resurrection and our new birth. When the bible speaks of “ before the foundations of the world”, it speaks of before time began. The word world there is the word “ aion” ( (age without end). Jesus is called “the ages of ages” He is the beginning and the end. He became a man that He might bring man back into the His eternalness. When the Apostle Paul admonishes us to be renewed in the spirit of our mind that is what he is talking about. That is the mind of Christ. The mind that always was.\ The bible says “ we have the mind of Christ “. Much of our thoughts have been derived from our history on the earth and the “ good and evil “ that is part of the flesh creating it’s own righteousness. The righteous that is of the new man is received and understood by faith. This faith is the gift of God that agency that receives grace. This grace produces the salvation promised in His word. “ By grace are you saved through faith, it is the gift of God”. Not of works lest any man should boast.

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